Lewis retaliates to close 2021: knocks out Daukaus

The UFC wanted to close 2021 with fireworks. For this, he entrusted his last fight of the year to two heavyweights with a great punch. The KO was predictable … and it happened. Derrick Lewis knocked out Chris Daukaus in the first round, of the UFC Las Vegas 45 main event, who could not do anything when the hands of the ‘Black Beast’ reached him. This victory adds a little more to Lewis’s name in the UFC. He becomes the biggest heavyweight knocker in the company’s history (with 13) and ranks as the second heavyweight with most wins (He is 17, four less than Arlovski). Numbers very to consider.

Lewis was coming off losing to Gane for the division Interim Championship. The opportunity had escaped him again and he needed to convince to oppose again. Did. Trusting in your qualities, ‘The Black Beast’ waited his turn and when he could, he executed Daukaus. The rising fighter tried to put in more work, landed the first punches (with low kicks), but Lewis’s changes of pace are devastating. He first varied the dynamics with a kick to the head. Daukaus avoided her, but immediately found Lewis on top. He found several hands, but resisted.

Lewis took a second breather and again closed the gap. With heads stuck Derrick generated a minimum gap through which he placed a tremendous straight right. It was with little travel, but placed at the tip of the pear. He disconnected Daukaus and vindicated himself. At 36 years old (37 in February) he lives a second youth and wants another starting opportunity. He claimed her in his own way, although before he made it clear that he will go on vacation to Jamaica. That will make him lose the fight between Ngannou and Gane (January 23). He snapped his intentions on the Octagon and went on vacation. ‘The Black Beast’ is special in and out of the ring.

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