Lewandowski wakes up Barça

The reaction that Xavi asked for came at the right time. The technician was right to shake the lineup and the move came out round in a game that had a serious danger but that the Blaugrana team liquidated with authority against Villarreal by an unappealable 3-0 that puts arnica to the culés penalties. Barça woke up.

Barça urgently needed an alarm clock, but as happens to anyone, sometimes you have to set two alarms: one to open your eyes and another a little later to get up. Barcelona got up from the nightmare of the last week with this system.

The first alarm was Ansu Fati, who along with Ferran, Gavi, Jordi Alba and De Jong returned to the starting eleven. The broken dishes of the week against Inter and Real Madrid were mainly paid for by Busquets, Raphinha and Dembélé (you have to see how relaxing it is to watch a game without him on the pitch, for better or for worse). Balde didn’t play either, but everything indicates that Xavi reserves him to face the Athletic sprinters on Sunday.

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Ansu sounded first with an initial half hour in which he tried everything and was Barcelona’s only danger against a Villarreal who was the phantom threat.

Emery’s team lived an excellent half hour in the back, conceding very little and giving up a couple of runs by Danjuma, who broke up Koundé. Another that like Dembélé (but in another sense) relaxes seeing him on the field.

If the first alarm, the one that makes you protest with the phrase “five more minutes” was Ansu, the second, the one that makes you run to the shower and activates you, was Lewandowski, who with two great goals broke the game and changed the landscape of Barcelona.

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The first goal is to teach it in football schools as the example of what a center forward has to do. Control oriented inside the area to eliminate two central defenders and then recover position to beat Rulli with a whiplash at half turn.

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Four minutes later, a recovery by Pedri to which Gavi, incredible that he was not a starter at the Bernabéu, gave continuity despite the pursuit of Parejo, helped the Pole to accommodate the ball at the edge of the area and shoot a shot that the public knew was going to goal as soon as his boot hit the ball. It was like seeing Curry released by shooting three.

In five minutes, Villarreal’s plan fell apart and for once, Barça smelled the opponent’s blood and went for the jugular. He didn’t miss the opportunity and Ferran took advantage of the opportunity that Xavi gave him to assist Ansu after a great move as a winger.

In 38 minutes, Barça had given Villarreal the same goals that the groguet team had conceded in nine games.

Emery tried to rebuild the situation after the break with the entry of Morales, Alberto Moreno and Trigueros, but Barcelona had the patience and skill to try to keep Villarreal out of the game. Special thanks to Koundé, sensational when it comes to proofreading.

Xavi started thinking about Sunday, where he will face Athletic de Valverde and withdrew a sensational De Jong who left to applause from the public, as did Lewandowski, Ansu and Koundé. The Raphinha-Dembélé couple entered the pitch to encourage the people, who had divided opinions with Busquets and Piqué, who also ended up applauded to silence some initial whistles that remained an anecdote before a happy ending for Barça.


J. Mojica (24′, A. Pedraza), Morales (45′, A. Danjuma), Alberto Moreno (56′, N. Jackson), Manu Trigueros (56′, Manu Morlanes), S. Busquets (69′, F. De Jong), H. Bellerin (69′, Sergio Roberto), O. Dembele (74′, R. Lewandowski), raphinha (74′, Ansu Fati), G. Pique (77′, J. Koundé), A.Mandi (79′, R. Albiol)


1-0, 30′: Lewandowski2-0, 34′: Lewandowski3-0, 37′: Ansu Fati


Referee: Carlos del Cerro Grande
VAR Referee: Santiago Jaime Latre, Diego Barbero Sevilla
Paul Torres (91′, Yellow)

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