Few sources of information deny that the deal is about to be closed once the coach of the Nasrid team has decided not to count on his services anymore

From the hand of Granada C.F., Levante could reaffirm its defensive structure and all thanks to the desire means of its coach. In the last hours it has been known that Robert Moreno does not want to prolong the stay of louis abram, the Peruvian defender who has arrived in the summer and who has been able to accumulate a few minutes so far.

The truth of all this is that starting from the basis that the project manager of the team granota who follows in the footsteps of a defender whose profile is solely and exclusively left-handed, perfect cove. In addition, he has requested that he have ball control and that is a footballer that transmits confidence.

Luis Abram Betis
Luis Abram is on Levante UD’s agenda

Despite the expectations generated, the Granada player welcomes his arrival in Levante, which is still alive and has renewed votes

So far this season, Luis Abram has only played 650 minutes, which translates into 10 games played. Of all those games, 7 of them have been fulfilled as a starter and he has not been able to show why they fought so long for his services. What no one doubts is his ability and quality when he has to come out from behind.

There is talk of a transfer until the end of the season that will help him gain confidence and get back on the route that suits him best. In addition, he could be close to an eventual World Cup fight with his country, since at the moment ostracism has played against him for his lofty ambitions.

Although more options have appeared, everything indicates that it is one step away from being official

In the first place, the player has had a firm offer from Mexico. America has launched an offer, which has not met the club’s expectations. Secondly, Alessio Lisci has styled other actors in the environment who have not been in the wave that suits them.

So if nothing strange happens, this agreement would be closed the following week. The two parties are looking for the soccer player to get in tune in the shortest possible time, and to be able to display that capacity that has led him to be in the mouth of some of the most traditional clubs in the country.


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