Levante UD and RC Celta in panic with call from La Premier to Borja Mayoral

The Granota club and the Celtic team have had competition in England for the signing of the former merengue

The I raised and the Celtic have a common factor that moves them in the preview of the winter market, the signing of Borja Mayoral, but in al Premier League a third team has come out in dispute. This is Crystal Palace under the command of Patrick Vieira, who has noticed the hidden talent of the former merengue striker, and in the same way, has launched for his pass.

The three teams interested in him from Madrid know that Borja has no opportunity to extend his stay in Rome, while Mourinho remain their coach. The Portuguese has announced in his list of discards, the presence of the attacker, and the exit plans he has with him, in the next winter market.

Borja Mayoral Premier
The probability of Levante to return to the Madrid striker, gradually disappears, as brides appear in this pre-winter market.

The battle between the two teams of LaLiga Santander and that of the Premier, for the signing of Borja Mayoral

Levante has complicated its plan to return to its former striker in the 2018-19 and 2019-20 seasons. Already with the fact of having Celta also on his heels, the maneuver is difficult. Now with the incursion of the English team, the operation has gone from difficult to extremely complicated.

The player can opt for the option presented by the London club, since playing in the Premier League will always be a goal of any footballer. In addition to this, the striker has thought that one of his plans is not to return to Spain, and that at his age it is very prudent to continue trying other leagues, and what better than the English one.

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There would be a fourth team interested in Borja Mayoral

To finish burying the options of Levante and Celta, and increase the pressure on Crystal Palace, there would be a fourth interested in Borja Mayoral. Not so far from AS Roma, Fiorentina has already sent a formal offer to the offices of the Roman team to get the pass from the Madrid striker. The Viola box is in the process of finding a replacement for their striker Dusan Vlahovic.

The option of continuing in Serie A could be attractive for Mayoral, if what he wants is not to move his family to another country again. Also in the Gigliati team, he would have the full attention of his coach, and many more minutes than he has achieved so far at the Loba club. The decision is in your hands, but you will have to choose very soon.

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