Levante Las Planas scores in its second attempt in the Cup

Everything was prepared for the September 13th Both teams will meet in the first round of the queen’s cupbut a day before the collegiate members warned of the suspension and that they were not going to referee matches of the KO competition. if there was any first team. Comply with what was said and Royal Union of Tenerife and the Raise the Planes jumped onto the field, but could not play the match with an official character, although they did play it as a friendly.

The same thing happened with the confrontation between the Bizkerre-Alhama, as the Murcian team belongs to the highest category of women’s football. Both Levante Las Planas and Alhama They also suffered the suspension of the first day of the F League. Fortunately, the arbitration situation was resolved and both teams competed again. The Catalan team adds three points out of a possible six after beat Betis (1-2), in its premiere in First, and lose against Madrid CFF (3-1).

Two weeks after the suspension of their Copa de la Reina match they have returned, although this time, the match was not friendly, but official and it was Levante Las Planas who has been imposed (0-4) with the goals of Natalie Muthwith a doublet, Nuria Garrote Y Trudi Carterto advance from round to Cup. They currently occupy the 9th position and his next league match will be this Sunday at home precisely against the other recently promoted, the Alhama.

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