Letter to the Magi of Dominican golf

Hello Feveruses. Before getting into the matter, I want to wish you a happy 2023, especially to lovers of this sport and to all the Dominican people. As is my custom every January, here I bring you my “little letter” to the Three Wise Men with some personal requests and also from friends who have sent me their hopes and wishes. We start:

* Dear Holy Kings: We ask that our tourism continue to grow and that more golfers around the world continue to see and perceive this country as their favorite vacation destination. * Let the cheaters who live winning tournaments with rigged handicaps and other aromatic herbs leave our atmosphere once and for all. * Again, ask Melchor to intercede so that the DGII stops charging ITBIS for green fees. * That the leagues continue to grow so that there is more competition between the golf associations scattered throughout the country. * Let the handicap of the magicians of consistency go down (years and years go by with the same number, and that is winning and winning tournaments. Not even Tiger surpasses them). * Please, Baltazar, put it in the head of the company directors that they agree so that all the tournaments do not crowd together in the same months, and thus the tournament calendar does not become so complicated, especially after the month of July. * Please keep the “mice” who live complaining about the cost of events away from golf. If you can’t play a tournament because of its cost, don’t criticize it. Just don’t go and go! Pay what it’s worth or change sports. * May the travel industry continue to grow to more golf destinations and may incoming tourism continue to be at the forefront. * That companies hire efficient public relations companies and that know how to write and write a quality press release oriented to the company and the event, and not to a “deity” known as “the owner”. * Once again, I ask you to leave the big W for “win” under the bed for Willy Pumarol and Juan José Guerra. * May our team do well in the LAAC that will be played next week on the Isla del Encanto. * Let FEDOGOLF continue with a heavy hand punishing players who contravene the rules of the sport. Without consideration, restrictions, or friendly faces. * That Puerto Plata continue to tread the path to relaunch its tourism, especially golf. * May women’s golf continue to grow. * That the events “lower two” to the number of raffles, and that these resources are available to improve the quality of breakfasts, lunches and amenities in the field (this will not be liked by many, but it is true). * I ask you again that responsible journalism be carried out, without fear of reprisals or restrictions. * 2023 has arrived. Let us bravely face the challenges to come, together with our friends and families. Happy New Year! * Networks. @fiebredegolf on IG, Facebook and Twitter, and on YouTube, Fiebre de Golf channel. TV: Golf Fever TV by CDN Deportes, Sundays, 8PM + 3 repetitions in the week. Web: www.fiebredegolf.com. Email: [email protected]

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