Letter sent from the Titanic by a Uruguayan passenger is auctioned for $12,000

A letter written on board the RMS Titanic by a Uruguayan passenger and sent from Ireland to his brother on April 11, 1912 was auctioned in Montevideo for $12,000.

The piece is part of an auction of about 800 lots of Creole silverware, military and historical documents that are being auctioned in person and online by the company Zorrilla.

Written on White Star Line company letterhead and watermark, the letter contains two pages with a damp stain and a note later written by its recipient that says: “Last letter my dear brother Ramón wrote. Three days after this, the Titanic sank, perishing by drowning.”

Said piece, as Sebastián Zorrilla explained days ago to the EFE Agency, was until now in the hands of the family and passed through three generations.

“There is always someone in families who decides to freeze history in an auction and have this piece that they treasure for a while and that we treasure momentarily end up in the hands of a collector or a museum,” he explained.

The letter, which had a base price of $12,000, was written by Uruguayan Ramón Artagaveytia Gómez and in it he told his brother that he wanted to go to North America and that he was “seduced” by the size of the “45,000-ton steamer” making its maiden voyage.

“As we approached yesterday on the steamer it was cool as the Río de la Plata, and when I looked up, I had the effect of being at the foot of a five-story house. Upon entering there were about 50 waiters. One takes my bags, and by elevator (there are 3) we go up to my floor on deck B. The dining room is on deck D and there are others below,” the letter reads.

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He also recounts that they were going to Queenstown (Ireland) to correspond, that he wanted to see North America and tells various details about the ship, among which he highlights that some rooms were made of sculpted wood, that the food was “very good” and that it had an electric stove in his bedroom.

“The corridors are painted white and some rooms, like this one, they are carved wood, I think oak, with green velvety satin sofas and chairs. Everything is new and rich “, she underlines.

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