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“Let’s find out if we have the right players”

Los Boston Celtics no están teniendo un buen comienzo de temporada, con un récord de 2-5. A pesar de la situación, Brad Stevens muestra tranquilidad.

The Boston Celtics are not having a good start to the season, with a 2-5 record with two losses in overtime, including historic collapse against the Chicago Bulls on Monday.

After the hard defeat against DeRozan’s, Marcus Smart had occasional criticisms for Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown. Smart said that, as team stars, they must be willing to pass the ball more often in games. He believes this will allow them to get easier shots, as opposed to the isolation approach in times of crisis.

Brad Stevens, Boston’s president of basketball operations, was asked for his opinion of Smart’s comments, to which he responded: “When you’re at it, when you see the guys on the premises and you see (Marcus Smart) and Jayson (Tatum) having breakfast together today and talking about it, ‘How did we come to find a solution for our team?’ … Those guys want to win and at the end of the day, I think that’s the most important thing“.

He also spoke about the growth of Brown and Tatum, expressing optimism and stating that the Celtics have the right mix of players to win this season. “When it comes to our two young men, Jaylen and Jayson, their next steps are difficult because of where they are right now. They have already climbed a lot of steps. One All-Star, two All-Star appearances for Jayson, so those next steps take a lot and I’m confident those two guys will take them. Their work, their care, their commitment, I think they will take those stepsStevens commented.

Do the Celtics have the right players? “We are going to find out. Last year, we were 8-3 to start the year and it didn’t feel like 8-3 from my perspective, from the seat I was in. I felt like we had a lot of things that we needed to be aware of and that we should be much better at, and then other things hit us. Right now, at 2-5, I feel much better from a structural point of view“Concluded Brad Stevens.

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