“Let me be a father”: New statements by Dotol Nastra about his son in 11 sentences

“Let me be a father” said the influencer Vincent Carmona Arias (El Dotol Nastra) on at least three occasions in a video of approximately 20 minutes published on Tuesday on his YouTube channel where he spoke about the situation that his son, Wesly Carmona, is going through “The Dotolcito”, implicated in the death of the young Joshua Fernández.

In the audiovisual, the panelist of the “Alofoke Radio Show” space, expressed that he does not support the actions of his only son, but despite this, he will not abandon him.

At the time that he asked his followers understand his position as a father and accompany himhis family and the family of the victim with their prayers to cope with what happened.

Here are eleven sentences that summarize the statements of Dotol Nastra:

“It has been a very difficult situation, it is the first time that my family has been involved in something like this and we have not known how to deal with it other than by clinging to God”

“Thanks to those who have been praying for me, I want to ask them to pray for the family of Joshua Omar Fernández, just as they pray for me, the pain of that family is worse because they have an irreparable loss.”

“I was determined to resign, to retire from the media (…) but I raised my head because I did not fail you”

“I did not fail my family, I did not fail myself, I have not failed them because I would rather die than fail my family”

The Dotolcito

The DotolcitoExternal source

“Allow me to be a father, allow this to hurt me, allow me to help my son get up from that stumble, from that mistake he made”

“Let justice do its job, but whether he is guilty or innocent, whatever has led him there, my son does not stop being my son”

“I read many comments that he released him in a band, but the real father does not abandon his children. It’s my turn to teach him to get up.”

“Nobody brings a child into the world so that their child falls prisoner, so that they fail”

“What my family and I are going through I know will help me tomorrow to give encouragement to someone who goes through this”

“Now you will see a Dotol much more positioned for his own, so with my head held high that I have received all the blessings, I also have to face the situations”

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