Less than 1% of police abuses resulted in a conviction

Santiago de Chile (BLAZETRENDS) and that the victims still do not have adequate reparation.

“The Chilean State shows great weaknesses in terms of human rights. Impunity has been the general rule, it does not take care of the victims of the social outbreak or provide guarantees so that similar events are not repeated,” said the director of Amnesty International Chile, Rodrigo Bustos, in an interview for BLAZETRENDS.

In the report “Comprehensive reparation for human rights violations committed in the context of the social outbreak”, Amnesty International Chile estimates that there were 130 judicial processes opened for police abuses during the 2019 protests, 1.19% of the total number of cases. those of human rights violations confirmed by the Public Ministry.

The social outbreak in Chile

In October 2019, intense protests began in Chile that lasted for months calling for profound social changes. They often led to serious riots. In total, there were more than 30 deaths and thousands of injuries.

Bustos pointed in particular to the 4,402 requests from Chilean prosecutors to apply the Istanbul Protocol, which is activated only in extreme cases such as torture or serious physical attacks, and whose expert evidence has often reached up to two years after the attack suffered by the victim or simply have not been done.

“There were cases of homicides, brutal beatings, people with eye injuries, adolescent girls stripped naked in police stations. The data shows a general panorama of impunity and we continue to challenge the State and the Government to comply with their duties in terms of human rights,” Bustos remarked.

The Amnesty International report details deficiencies in care for victims: the programs focused on the medical aspect, without contemplating the psychological variant, and were mostly concentrated in the Chilean capital, leaving many victims who live in other countries without services. points of the country, points out the organization.

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Guarantees of non-repetition

AI asks the Executive for measures to guarantee that events similar to the police abuses committed during the social outbreak are not repeated in the future. With far-reaching reforms in the Chilean police and laws that regulate the use of force and weapons by state agents.

“Unfortunately, the latest measures approved to reduce crime in Chile do not go in the direction of protecting the Police or the citizenry, but instead give agents a kind of blank check to use force without limits,” said the director of Amnesty Chile International.

As a result of the increase in the most violent crimes in Chile and the alarm they have generated in recent months. The National Congress approved a law, popularly called “trigger-friendly”, which gives greater powers to the Police to use their firearms.

Bustos added that Chile is one of the few countries that still continues to relegate regulation in police matters to internal regulations of the security forces or the Army, for which reason he advocated drafting laws that include “clear guidelines” on the use of force. and for training agents in the use of weapons and human rights.

“Any citizen can face the misuse of force by a State agent in the future. In a democracy, it is essential that the force have a clear regulation and that the police know how to use the weapons that they have at their disposal, ”Bustos concluded.

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