“Les Méchants” by Mouloud Achour: a biting comedy about media frenzy

For his first film co-directed with Dominique Baumard, Les Méchants, in theaters on September 8, the journalist and TV host Mouloud Achour looks with corrosive humor on the race for buzz and the media audience, and in particular news channels, driving the nail of France by Bruno Dumont , a satire of 24-hour news channels released two weeks ago. Bringing together a cast of stars, from Ludivine Sagnier to Omar Sy, passing by Mathieu Kassovitz, Pierre Palmade, Fary or Sami Nacery, the film tells of the setbacks of two young people from the suburbs, Patrick and Sébastien, transformed despite themselves into public enemies.

The buzz race, “the poison of the times”

After stealing a video game console from migrants, Sébastien (played by comedian and host Roman Frayssinet) tries to sell it to Patrick (played by Djimo, one of the kings of stand-up). But a rapper just released from prison and a journalist for a news channel, desperate to make the buzz, get involved and everything goes wrong.

With Les Méchants , Mouloud Achour and Dominique Baumard, also co-writers of the film, tackle the controversy mounted from scratch in the hope of causing a buzz. Just after a violent live incident between dubious experts, the star journalist of the news channel, Virginie Arioule – whose name means “pack donkey ” in Arabic – sets the tone for the film: “What just happened is a moment of grace! “.

” Newsrooms survive thanks to the advertising network which needs clicks to sell advertising space. This forces us to cleave. Algorithms need this to reach business targets. The news channels that hold us by fear are the poison of the time, “laments to AFP Mouloud Achour, who has presented the program Clique sur Canal since 2019.

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“A declaration of love for journalism”

” The film brings together struggling people who are all someone’s bad guy. I wanted to ask myself how we crystallize this era. We don’t exclude anyone because we make fun of everyone and no one feels targeted. . Laughter is the best vehicle! “, He emphasizes, referring to the films of Jean Yanne.

” This film is a declaration of love for journalism, one of the last ramparts of democracy, ” said Mouloud Achour, who also wanted to show that the suburbs and multiple and not condemned to victimization. ” The enemy of young people is not the police but poverty, ” he said. 

Note that it is the hip-hop group La Caution who composed the music of Carcéral, the character of a rapper convicted of justice. “For me they are the best, “says Mouloud Achour about this group formed in the 90s.” We thought it would be funny to ask them to do the rap that they hate, that of a guy from 16 years old who hits the mark with Auto-Tune, without parodying. 

He also announces a sequel, Les Gentils , a film” on femininity “, with a predominantly female cast.

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