L’Équipe: Mbappé does not want to activate the renewal clause

One year after PSG did the impossible to renew him, Kylian Mbappé is once again reconsidering his future in Paris. According to information from L’Équipe, the striker has no intention at this time to renew until 2025, through a unilateral clause, signed the day his contract extension was consummated, which allowed him to continue linked to the club for another year. french club. Although in the first instance it was announced that it had renewed for the next three seasons, it did so for two and another optional one.

The clause has an expiration date. Mbappé must execute it before July 31, 2023, so, if he does not, PSG will find themselves in the same situation as in 2021, when Bondy’s crack asked him to leave Real Madrid and managed to retain him, until his renewal materializes. in May 2022. “The scenario is different,” says L’Équipe, which stresses that in autumn it already asked the board to leave, although the tension between the two parties has calmed down.

Mbappé’s decision not to want to execute the unilateral renewal clause leads to enormous pressure for his club, PSG, during the next market. After a failed year, with Luis Campos at the helm, the current leader of Ligue 1 cannot afford another misstep. If he does not manage to give him sports guarantees, his contract extension, despite the fact that it would be a year before he was released, could generate a dispersed climate in Paris.

According to L’Équipe, PSG remains confident in the continuity of Mbappé. The club is aware that he has failed in the first year of his star’s new contract, but will try to mitigate the mistakes of the past in the summer. Beginning by giving Luis Campos more confidence, signed precisely because of his closeness to the player, and who is already working on the next summer market.

If the Portuguese, highly criticized for his signings, remains in office, it is because an exit could mean a total departure from Mbappé. In the autumn, just when the bombshell came out that he wanted to leave PSG in the winter, it was Campos who reassured the striker., with whom he maintains a fluid and cordial relationship. However, the footballer’s intention is clear: he himself now has no intention of executing his renewal clause.

Until July 31, a few days before the start of the season and with a well advanced summer market, Mbappé will have to decide. If he does not renew, it will not mean that he cannot do it a year later, but PSG will have to negotiate directly with those around him and with the player himself, with whom he already did the impossible two years before.even interceding Emmanuel Macron, President of the Republic, in the negotiations.

Mbappé’s entourage, asked by L’Équipe, did not want to react to the information and PSG seems very confident in the continuity of its star. What seems impossible right now is to imagine a sale in summer. Neither the club has come to consider it nor the striker, as he already did in 2021, when he asked Leonardo and Al Khelaïfi to let him sign for Real Madrid, he is going to enter into a conflict to harm the image of the French entity.

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