Lepard: “Bitcoin price can easily rise to 2 million dollars”

Bitcoin is on track to hit $2 million within six years, according to noted wealth manager Lawrence “Larry” Lepard.

In the Quoth the Ravenpodcast On Oct. 16, Lepard said the Bitcoin price could “easily” rise 100 times from current prices.

I think the Bitcoin price will be worth 100 times more

With Bitcoin in a downtrend for nearly a year now, bullish price predictions are rare. However, Lepard, known for his optimistic view of both Bitcoin and precious metals, is extremely positive about the largest cryptocurrency. He therefore expects that the price of 1 Bitcoin will rise to 2 million dollars.

In the podcast, the founder of Equity Management Associates revealed that he is still buying Bitcoin for a fixed amount. He says that while some say it is a risk to buy BTC, he thinks it is a risk not to own Bitcoin. According to him, the cryptocurrency is a hedge against what he calls a ‘sovereign debt crisis’.

“I am not saying that anyone should put all their money into Bitcoin, but what I am suggesting very strongly is that anyone who does not own any BTC is taking more risk than necessary.” He went on and said:

Bitcoin could go to zero, but I personally believe Bitcoin will rise 100x.

– Lepard

Bitcoin will be worth 2 million dollars in 6 years

When asked whether he therefore agreed that a single Bitcoin could eventually be worth 2 million dollars, Lepard did not hesitate.

Lepard added that the next top for Bitcoin price should be around $200,000. From that point on, the price could fall by about 70 percent again, before rising again.

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By the way, Lepard is not the only investment legend who sees a great future for Bitcoin. Earlier, Tim Draper also said that he expects the Bitcoin price to rise to a price of 250 thousand dollars in the near future. The CEO of ARK Investment, named Cathie Wood, is also positive and expects the BTC price to reach one million dollars.

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