Leopard and Abrams tanks promised to Ukraine, on the 336th day of the conflict

Leopard and Abrams tanks promised to Ukraine, on the 336th day of the conflict

Did you miss the latest events on the war in Ukraine? Don’t panic, 20 Minutes takes stock for you every evening at 7:30 p.m. Who did what ? Who said what? Where are we ? The answer below:

news of the day

After long procrastination, Washington will deliver 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine to help it fight the Russian invasion, a senior American official announced on Wednesday, in the wake of the German green light to send tanks to kyiv . Because Berlin has finally given the green light, authorizing countries that wish to do so to supply Ukraine with the armored vehicles they have and committing for its part to deliver fourteen Leopard 2s. The Ukrainian authorities, France, the United United or even Spain welcomed the news.

Moscow for its part denounced an “extremely dangerous decision which will bring the conflict to a new level of confrontation”, according to the Russian ambassador in Berlin Sergei Netchaev. “This convinces us once again that Germany, like its closest allies, does not want a diplomatic solution to the Ukrainian crisis and wants a permanent escalation,” he said. said again. “We are doing what is necessary and possible to support Ukraine, but at the same time we are preventing an escalation of the war, towards a war between Russia and NATO”, tried to temper German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Norway also announced the sending of tanks, without specifying the number of heavy tanks concerned.

sentence of the day

After months of hard fighting, […] the Ukrainian Armed Forces left it. »

The Ukrainian army admitted on Wednesday that it had ceded the town of Soledar, in the east of the country, to the Russians, two weeks after the announcement of its capture by Moscow. The military spokesman for the eastern zone, Serguiï Tcherevaty, who made the announcement, however refused to specify when this retreat took place.

The number of the day

6. This is the number of senior Ukrainian officials who were dismissed from their posts on Wednesday, the day after a series of dismissals even in the presidential administration against the backdrop of a corruption scandal linked to the supply of the army. The Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office announced in a press release the departure “at their own request” of five regional prosecutors in the regions of Zaporozhye (south), Kirovograd (center), Poltava, Sumy and Cherniguiv (north).

Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said on Facebook on Wednesday that the head of the army’s procurement department, Bodgan Khmelnytsky, has also been sacked, after being suspended in December.

The trend

On Wednesday, Russian troops claimed advances in Bakhmout, the epicenter of the conflict in eastern Ukraine where fighting is believed to be taking place in some parts of the city. “Fairly harsh hostilities continue in Bakhmout. […] Fighting is already taking place somewhere on the outskirts, and somewhere in those neighborhoods that were still held by the enemy quite recently,” said Denis Pushilin, head of the Russian occupation in the Donetsk region, quoted by the agencies. Russian press.

According to him, Russian troops, and in particular mercenaries from the paramilitary group Wagner, are “advancing”. Bakhmout, which had 70,000 inhabitants before the conflict, has been subjected to repeated attacks by Russian troops since the summer, without the latter having so far succeeded in breaking the Ukrainian defenses. The city, largely destroyed and whose strategic importance is disputed by experts, has become in recent months the site of heavy losses on both sides. The Ukrainian General Staff confirmed in its daily report on Wednesday Russian assaults in Bakhmout and its region.

According to the Institute for the Study of War (ISW), a US-based think tank, “Russian forces have made marginal territorial gains in Bakhmout”. He also noted reports of an ongoing Russian offensive in Vougledar, further south.


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