Leonel swears in about 1,000 physical educators

The president of the People’s Force, the former president of the Republic, Dr. Leonel Fernández, swore in this Sunday about 1,000 physical education teachers, technicians, monitors and Physical Education undergraduate students, nationwide.

The act, which completely packed the hall and left people outside, was organized by the Sports Secretariat of the People’s Force, at the Radisson Hotel, in the Naco sector.

President Fernández arrived at the hotel at 11:20 in the morning and was received by Felipe Payano and his team of collaborators. Leonel was accompanied by Radhames Jiménez, member of the political leadership and political coordinator, and Elías Serulle, from the political leadership.

President Fernández announced that when he comes to power in August 2024, it will be built on all school campuses with roofs with planks so that students can develop in all their faculties.

"You physical education teachers, monitors, technicians and those hundreds of students who will graduate tomorrow have a great responsibility to work with more than two and a half million captive students to provide them with good values ​​and keep them away from delinquency."said.

He commented that delinquency must be fought from the schools, with the Physical Education teachers, who are their advisers and their guides to take them along the path of good.

The protocol act

The religious invocation was made by Claudia Ortíz, a Physical Education teacher from Hato Mayor.

The welcoming remarks were given by the titular member of the party’s Sports Secretariat, the former Minister of Sports, Felipe Payano, who stated that this is the third major activity carried out by that secretariat where hundreds of athletes and now physical education, they tell him that "Yes" President Fernández and the People’s Force.

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"President, here is this new troop from the Physical Education sector and it is the first time that an event has been held with them, exclusively, which has marked a milestone"said.

Then, the icon of Physical Education for several generations, Professor César Padrón, spoke, who said that he will work hard so that Physical Education recovers its splendor, since today it is going through its worst moments.

The physical education teacher for years, Idalia Guridiz, declared that from now on she will work together with her entire team to lead President Fernández to the presidency of the Republic.

Darwin Maldonado, who served as general coordinator of the Physical Educators with the support of Douglas Mayobanex, said that the Physical Educators will give President Fernández more than 600,000 votes between now and 2024. "This is a commitment that we make in a formal way, from the Secretary of Sports"he underlined.

Finally, Daniel Lara, former director of INEFI in the governments of Leonel Fernández named all the achievements that Physical Education obtained in his efforts. The former directors of INEFI, José Manuel Paniagua and Luciano Ramírez, were also present. Also the general directors, Francisco Ferreras, Juan Carlos Oliva, enter great figures of that sector.

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