Home Sports Lenny Martinez wins a victory that Johannessen already celebrated

Lenny Martinez wins a victory that Johannessen already celebrated

Lenny Martinez wins a victory that Johannessen already celebrated

The Frenchman Lenny Martínez (Groupama FDJ) won this Friday the Var Classic over 184.3 km between Saint-Raphaël and Mont Faron (France) after taking advantage of a serious mistake by the Norwegian Tobias Halland Johannessen (One X), who raised his arms prematurely due to overconfidence. An unforgettable and transcendent failure for the Norwegian, who was the strongest in the group of favorites playing for the victory, but because he was “advanced” he was left without sweets. Lenny Martínez, the 20-year-old French cyclist born in Cannes and of Spanish origin, snatched victory from him at the finish.

Martínez apparently climbed the final section of the race alone until a combative Johannessen got stuck on his steering wheel in the penultimate corner. If you leave it, The Norwegian took the lead in parallel, tried to close the last corner and continued on the straight, raising one arm and stopping pedaling at the same time. This can be seen Johannessen thought he had already crossed the finish line, so his pursuer moved closer to his side. A few centimeters before Martinez’s bike crossed the finish line. The Norwegian turned around in surprise and pointed to the cyclist who had taken the race away from him in front of his eyes. He celebrated his second victory as a professional.

Martínez clocked a time of 4:09.43, the same as Johannessen and Frenchman Romain Bardet (DSM). an experienced runner who was very combative on the hard slopes of Mont Faron. The day was marked by the escape of six runners who posed no threat to the candidates for victory. In the last third of the route there was a concentration of hardness that increased until the foot of Mont Faron, where the adventure was already resolved. Before we approach the first port on a narrow 5.7 km long road at 8.4 percent, one of the favorites, Guillaume Martin (Cofidis), who had a breakdown, was eliminated.

The party started at the foot of this harbor, from the top of which you can see the city of Toulon, the usual setting for Nice Paris. Ten runners stood out, including important names like Gaudu, Bardet, Gregoire, Woods, Lenny Martínez and Johannessen, among others. Gaudu burned the ships with two unprofitable attacks but reduced the group to six. He stayed behind with his partner Martínez, who left it to the others. After Gaudu, Bardet attacked 400 meters from the finish line, but did not have the strength to gain a lead. The rest is history. A fight that ended due to carelessness.


1. Lenny Martinez (FRA/GFC)

2. Tobias Halland Johannessen (NOR/UXM)

3. Romain Bardet (FRA/DFP)

4. Michael Woods (CAN/IPT)

5. Aurélien Paret-Peintre (FR / DAT)

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