Home Sports Lemar, about his future: “I’m here, right?”

Lemar, about his future: “I’m here, right?”

Lemar, about his future:

Atlético fell in their first test of the summer. After a fantastic first half, where between the post, the disallowed goals and the local goalkeeper prevented the win, in the second unit B could not perform at a good level and the team ended up falling 3-2 on the last play. Despite this, the protagonists are left with the good feelings of the first 45 minutes.

Lemar: “I’m fine here”

Sensations. “Very good, we played a good game, we have to continue like this. We have a good team to work with and we have to continue”.

Defeat. “Is soon. It’s the first game we’ve played this preseason and we have to work, because we can see that we have a great team and we’re going to work so that everything goes well”.

Team level. “Like last year. We have a good idea, we want to win, do a good offensive and defensive job, we worked on it throughout the preseason and we have to continue like this”.

Future. “I’m here, right?”

Exit rumors. “I’m here, it’s the only thing I can tell you and I’m fine here.”

Goals. “We are going little by little. First the preseason, play good games to start the season well and that is what we are going to do at the moment”.

Joao Felix. “I see him as always. He is an extraordinary player and if he is with us he will continue working and we will see what will happen with him”.

Noise about João. “It is what it is. João knows what he wants and we know what we want, let’s see what happens these days”.

Goal. “I’m going to do my best and help the team as much as I can.”

Hermoso: “Any player who wants to be will be there”

Difficulties. “I felt very humid. The thermal sensation is very great and wears a lot on a physical and hydration level”.

Good start. “In the first half the feeling was very good, to go four or five goals ahead and very happy with that.”

Joao Felix. “He is our teammate, he will continue for as long as we have to be like any person who makes up Atlético and he will be a teammate until the day he wants to be or the day the club decides to be like any of us. In the end, as Simeone said, the only thing that will remain here is the club, so the club will always be above any of us and, above all, the people are also the ones who support, follow and maintain Atlético in what is. Any player who wants to be there will be there and anyone who doesn’t will not be there. But every player on the squad is going to be treated in the same way”.

Witsel: “The important thing is to start the League strong”

Premiere. “The important thing was to take minutes, it was our first game, the first part we were able to score many more goals, there were offsides that weren’t, but the most important thing is to feel good physically.”

Goals. “Very good, I think we have a strong group, stronger than last year and the goal is that when we return to Madrid we start the League like the last six months of last year, just as strong.”

Pivot or center. “The important thing is to play and if the team needs me in the middle or in defense, I am here. The important thing is to take minutes game after game”.

Results. “We go game by game, the important thing is to be very fit physically and start the league strong.”

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