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Leisure parks offer a lifetime pass to attract seasonal workers


Employers do not hesitate, sometimes, to make unexpected offers to attract candidates, like these leisure parks located in Vendée, O’Fun park and O’Gliss park. If you agree to be a seasonal worker next summer, you will have… an unlimited pass for life, relates France Blue Loire OceanTuesday January 24, 2023. More specifically, if you are hired by O’Fun park from April to September, you will have a lifetime pass and will be able to benefit from the many activities of tree climbing, zip lines, paintball and waterjump that offers the site.

For those who work at O’Gliss park in July and August, an unlimited pass for the following season is offered and will allow you to take advantage of all the possibilities of this aquatic site. The two establishments are indeed looking for 300 people for the next season, and the candidates are increasingly difficult to recruit, testifies Clément Trigatti, communication officer, interviewed by our colleagues.

Mutual insurance, assistance in finding housing…



Other benefits: the parks will finance training for tree climbing operators and lifeguards. Recruits will also be able to benefit from assistance in finding accommodation, company mutual insurance, access to tourist sites in the region and at preferential rates, explains Actu.fr, on January 19. The objective: to retain seasonal workers over several seasons.

Other companies no longer hesitate to multiply initiatives to attract new candidates, such as the company Elmy which offers a four-day week to its employees, Les Mousquetaires which organizes a laser game for recruitment, Toyota which puts forward a policy of internal promotion and training, or Yéo Frais which sets up recruitment sessions without any necessary prerequisites…


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