LEGO wants to enter metaverse in partnership with Epic Games

Lego, the popular Danish toy giant known for its colorful plastic bricks, is preparing to present a plan for a metaverse initiative in collaboration with Epic Games, the American video game developer known for the game Fortnite. This is evident from a new reporting Financial Times.

Lego metaverse

Lego wants to develop a virtual world that will help it further expand its market share and growth range by entering new digital markets.

Lego’s strategy is to continue to grow by offering its products in digital markets so that users can recognize the brand even online. Lego CEO Niels Christiansen had this to say about this new move:

“We know very well how to immerse consumers in stores in the Lego universe. We are working hard to create that feeling that you are also stepping into this universe digitally.”

The co-built metaverse will be designed to be an age-appropriate experience with the goal of protecting children from unmoderated content from other sources on the Internet. Parents can also be participants and monitor these interactions.

Metaverse plan has been around for a while

While other companies are slowly moving their resources away from metaverse initiatives, Lego is stepping on the accelerator on this front. A while ago, for example, you could read in the altcoin news that Microsoft does not consider the metaverse a priority at the moment. Mark Zuckerberg, on the other hand, still wants to continue his plans with the metaverse, despite heavy losses last year.

Last April, Lego invested $2 billion in Epic Games in partnership with Sony with the idea of ​​building its own metaverse platform to bring kids closer to the brand in safe virtual spaces designed just for them.

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In addition to this investment, the Danish powerhouse has been recruiting new employees for this upcoming metaverse experience since May. At the time, it said it was aiming to triple the number of software engineers to take both a physical and digital approach.

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