LEGO Fortnite: The Fusion of Two Epic Worlds is now available!

The universe of video games continues to surprise us with unexpected alliances. This time, the LEGO Group and Epic Games have taken a bold step and joined forces for a unique experience: LEGO Fortnite!

The announcement of this new survival and creativity game caused a lot of excitement in the gaming community It is available starting today, December 7, 2023.

LEGO Fortnite marks the beginning of a synergy between two giants of the digital entertainment industry. This alliance not only represents the intersection between the renowned building block brand and the global phenomenon Fortnite, but also promises to be an experience that transcends the ages and unites entire families in a universe full of fun and creativity.

The heart of LEGO Fortnite is combining the magic of LEGO building with the world of Fortnite. Players will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in various open worlds and explore the perfect blend of these two iconic franchises.

Unlike traditional Fortnite In this game you don’t have to kill other rivals, but live with them in a world where you can build structures. In addition, depending on the moment, your character can be hungry, cold or hot and you have to manage to satisfy his needs.


The collaboration between the LEGO Group and Epic Games is not new. Since last year, both companies have been working to create a safe and exciting metaverse for young people and families. This new chapter, LEGO Fortnite, is just the beginning of a proposal aimed at empowering younger players and encouraging them to become the innovators and creators of the future.

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Importantly, LEGO® Fortnite has received a 10+ rating from the ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board), ensuring a suitable and exciting experience for a wide audience. The game will be available on the Fortnite platform and will invite fans to embark on a journey full of creativity and action.

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