Armin Laschet and Olaf Scholz were the two favorites for the post of chancellor in Germany. Predicted in the legislative elections by Olaf Scholz, Armin Laschet timidly congratulated his opponent. Laurent Desbonnets journalist at France Télévisions takes stock of the situation from Berlin (Germany).

It took two days after the official publication of the results to hear the first words of congratulations from Armin Laschet to Olaf Scholz, the big winner in the German parliamentary elections. “He finally congratulated Olaf Scholz in a letter which has not been made public, the minimum service. He is strongly criticized within his own political party for the historically low score of the CDU.”, explains Laurent Desbonnets journalist with France Télévisions live from Berlin (Germany).

But Armin Laschet does not admit defeat yet. Even if the results of the last legislative elections do not work in his favor, he could make an alliance with the liberals and the green party. “It is the SPD of Olaf Scholz which has the priority to negotiate, the will is to go very quickly. A first meeting took place between the liberals and the Greens. Angela Merkel congratulated Olaf Scholz on his success in the elections “, add Laurent Desbonnets.