Legislative anticipated in Spain: Pedro Sanchez creates the surprise and hopes to stay in power

Given the loser of the legislative elections by all the polls, the socialist Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez managed on Sunday July 23 to limit the gains of the right-wing opposition and, against all odds, retains a chance of staying in power thanks to the game of alliances.

After counting more than 99% of the votes, the People’s Party (PP) of its conservative rival Alberto Núñez Feijóo won 136 seats out of a total of 350 in the Congress of Deputies and the far-right Vox party, its only potential ally, won 33. Far from the absolute majority of 176 seats.

“The Retrograde Block Has Been Defeated”

The Socialist Party of Pedro Sanchez is credited with only 122 deputies and Sumar, his radical left ally, with 31. But the Prime Minister, in power for five years, could stay in power by obtaining the support of the Basque and Catalan parties. “The retrograde bloc of the People’s Party and Vox has been defeated”, he launched to the socialist militants gathered in front of the headquarters of his party.

Narrow winner of this election, Alberto Nunez Feijóo also claimed the right to form a government. The People’s Party has “won the election” And “Our obligation now is to prevent a period of uncertainty from opening in Spain”, he launched. Without an absolute majority, he intends to govern in a minority, but the Socialists would have to abstain during a vote of investiture in Parliament.

But the socialist camp has already made it known that it has no intention of doing so. After the rout of the left in the local elections at the end of May, Pedro Sánchez had indeed convened this early election and campaigned on the fear of an entry of the extreme right into the government in the event of victory of the Popular Party.

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