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Legislative: a young RN candidate unable to answer on a TV set

“At the National Rally, what is your policy on public services?” Asked by Elsa Bezin, host of a debate between the candidates for the legislative elections in Bourgogne Franche-Comté, this simple question aroused deep unease on the set of France 3. And for good reason, Mélanie Fortier, a young 24-year-old candidate who was invested by the RN in the 2nd constituency of Côte-d’Or, was totally unable to answer. “I didn’t quite understand the question,” she stammered, visibly under intense stress. “Marine Le Pen, what public services does she want in France?” Then insisted the journalist.

Still just as confused, Mélanie Fortier, who is also the youngest of the Burgundy Franche-Comté Regional Council – she was elected on Julien Odoul’s list in 2021 – finally asked the journalist to “cut this part”, at the reason that she did not understand the question. What added a little more amazement on the set, since the debate was taking place live, which the guests were informed. At the end of the program, the candidate tried to resume the speaking on the issue of public services to catch up on her blunder, but the journalist interrupted her for lack of time.

Victim of a rain of criticism on social networks, Mélanie Fortier, a graduate of foreign languages, recognized on Twitter a “moment of hesitation” for her first intervention on television, affirming her attachment to the defense of public service. For its part, the National Rally (RN) hastened to come to the aid of its candidate. “She is a brave young woman who suffers incredible violence for a sudden stress on the set”, was indignant a close friend of Marine Le Pen with Capital. As for Marie-Caroline Le Pen, sister of the presidential finalist, she sent a message of support to the neophyte of politics, on her account Twitter.


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