A Leganés on the rise, clearly improved by Nafti, ended the winning streak of Real Zaragoza and came off the descent like a rocket. It was not the embarrassing 0-5 at the end of last season, but it is an unappealable defeat, the kind that hurts and cools that artificial euphoria that had settled around the Aragonese team in recent days and after thirteen games without losing. A double error by Nieto and Cristian Álvarez opened the way to victory for Leganés, who closed their just victory with a great goal from the Japanese Gaku.

In a night spent by water and low influx of public, JIM maintained its policy of refreshing the team each day and introduced four changes in its eleven, aligning Francés, Nieto, Francho and Nano Mesa by Fran Gámez, sanctioned for accumulation of cards , Chavarría, James and Borja Sáinz. For its part, the Leganés of the Tunisian French Mehdi Nafti was ordered in 4-1-4-1, with Recio as a pivot ahead of the defense, and presented a single novelty in his starting team: the Japanese Gaku by the Serbian Randjelovic.

Leganés warned first with a left-footed shot from Javi Hernández and opened the scoring at a quarter of an hour by taking advantage of a chain error by Nieto and Cristian Álvarez, who already had a miserable night at Gran Canaria. The side left a transfer very short without apparent danger and the Argentine goalkeeper left late and without conviction to clear against Randjelovic; the ball ended up hitting the Serbian footballer’s shin and ended up inside Zaragoza’s goal to the general astonishment. Randjelovic’s thing was practically going out and scoring the goal, because he had entered the field only three minutes earlier to replace Fede Vico, who retired due to a muscle injury.

The Aragonese team, very slow in the movement of the ball, tried to overcome the blow, but Leganés responded with order and control, waiting to give another blow to the counter. The truth is that in the entire first half, Zaragoza did not disturb Riesgo even once, while the cucumber team enjoyed another good chance that Lluis López conjured against Arnáiz.

Leganés Shield / Flag

Forced by circumstances, JIM made a double change at halftime and dispensed with Zapater, again inconsequential, without weight in any area of ​​the field, and Bermejo, on a day of complete absence, and gave entry to Vada and Narváez. Real Zaragoza had an electric period start and first Narváez, who narrowly missed a Francho center, and then Álvaro Giménez created more danger in one minute than in the entire first half. But the momentum ran out right away for Zaragoza, who began to eat their nerves against a solid and skilled rival, who did everything possible to sleep the game and even to lose time.

The final blow for the Aragonese team came in the 65th minute, when the Japanese Gaku Shibasaki scored a goal with a right hand from outside the area that surprised Cristian Álvarez.

From there to the end it was already a want and I can not of Zaragoza, which falls to the middle of the table, at the same distance from the ‘playoff’ as from the relegation, and which has only been able to win a game of nine in La Romareda .


Lazar Randelovic (11 ‘, Fede Vico), Juanjo Narvaez (45 ‘, Sergio Bermejo), Valentin Vada (45 ‘, Zapater), Luis Perea (68 ‘, Shibasaki), Petrovic (69 ‘, Eguaras), Sabin merino (69 ‘, Borja Garcés), Borja Sainz (69 ‘, Nano Mesa), Xavier Quintillá (80 ‘, Arnáiz), Eraso (80 ‘, Rubén Pardo), Ivan Azon (80 ‘, Francho)


0-1, 14 ‘: Lazar Randelovic, 0-2, 64 ‘: Shibasaki


Referee: Dámaso Arcediano Monescillo
VAR Referee: David Pérez Pallas
Javi hernandez (35 ‘, Yellow) Sergio Bermejo (42 ‘, Yellow) Arnaiz (49 ‘, Yellow) French Alexander (49 ‘, Yellow) Eguaras (56 ‘, Yellow) Tough (61 ‘, Yellow


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