Legal action will be taken by video of El Mayor Clásico from a hospital, according to a statement

The work team of The Major Classic assured that both he and his wife, known as Carol, are “outraged” by “the leaked video showing the condition of the artist on an emergency stretcher” after receiving stab wounds in a confusing incident, for which they have decided to take legal action.

In a statement, it is also explained that the situation “is in the hands of professionals in couple issues” for “a better conjugal future life.”

In this sense, the source asks the media for “discretion” and “do not echo speculation” for the well-being of the spouses.

The singer’s manager, Marino López, told Listín Diario that: “He is stable, he is at home. He is already out of danger.”

On whether Carol is responsible for physically assaulting El Mayor, López commented: “I don’t have that information, really, until I get to talk to him”.

The situation was made known by the dissemination of a video that has gone viral, where the interpreter of “Versace” is seen with his eyes closed and lying in a hospital bed while nurses try to heal or suture the moderately deep wounds that they are perceived in his arms.

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