LeBron threatens the Lakers with requesting a trade before February

The Akron player broke out after the team’s last loss, which plunges them further into the Western Conference standings and forces Pelinka to make moves

The situation of los angeles lakers it is unsustainable. When it seemed that they were going back with the explosion of Anthony Davis, the injury of ‘la Ceja’ arrived, who was playing at the best level of his career. Now, without the Chicago power forward, the one who has been left alone in charge of the team is lebron. And despite its excellent performances on the parquet, the team is still unable to compete for big goals.

Currently, the Los Angeles franchise is in thirteenth position in the Western conference. Only the Spurs and Rockets have a worse record in the West and to top it off they don’t control their draft pick this year. That is why, after listening to the statements of lebron after the last defeat of the lakersthere are only two options left: transfer to compete and transfer to rebuild.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are not enough to make the Lakers compete

LeBron is fed up with the Los Angeles Lakers

After losing to the Miami Heat, LeBron’s patience reached its limit. The one from Akron assured that he is a winner and that he wants to continue winning and competing to win a new ring. But not only that, but he confessed that continuing to play basketball at this level is not in his DNA. Some statements that show that he is not at all happy with the situation of the team.

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In this way, if the necessary transfers do not arrive before the deadline, ‘the King’ could consider requesting a transfer. Pelinka is forced to move Russell Westbrook in his last year of contract and the only draft rounds they control to bring a new star to the team. But not only that, but other players like Beverly and Nunn are also aiming to leave.

The transfer of LeBron, on the horizon

The other option Pelinka has on the table is to start a rebuild. A reconstruction that would begin with the transfer of players like Anthony Davis and LeBron James, who are the only ones for whom they could get enough draft rounds to start this process. However, it would be a reconstruction that would begin next summer.

The main problem that both the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James have is that at the moment they cannot separate their paths. Until summer there is a restriction for his transfer due to his renewal, so he cannot change teams in the middle of the season. Not unless there’s a boyout. Something that is currently completely ruled out by both the franchise and the player.

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