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LeBron, the most hated player in the NBA

The season is long over for the Los Angeles Lakers, but LeBron James continues to make headlines. As soon as his elimination was certified, at the hands of the Suns, the franchise player announced his non-participation in the Tokyo Olympics. He also did it with a certain humorous tone, pointing out that he would use the summer months to play with his team of Space Jam: A New Legacy, the sequel to Space jam (1996) which premiered in July with James as the lead instead of Michael Jordan. More recently, the reason for his media presence has focused on a new change of number: again, he will change the ’23’ for the ‘6’, a number that he already wore in the Miami Heat. He has been the protagonist, even without opening his mouth. When the rest say your name, it also becomes a trend. Pat Riley, remembering that same time, held out his hand for LeBron to return to Miami. “I only wish him the best and if he ever wanted to go back, he would have the keys under the mat”, declared. A few hours later, he was fined $ 25,000 by the NBA for tampering.

Few things go unpunished in the orbit of The king, whether their own or others. A study of the American environment Sports Insider has proven it again. According to the portal, LeBron is the most hated player in the NBA. Behind his claim, an own study based on the data streams generated by Twitter: its tags and its geolocation. The investigation, which covers the last month of activity on the social network, counts more than 70,000 tweets and hashtags to later develop a map with the least loved players in each of the States (to bear in mind, of course, that the Twitter universe is not always true to reality). In his distribution, LeBron’s name appears 24 times. Next, in terms of number of appearances, Kyrie Irving (18), James Harden (3), Kevin Durant (3), Russell Westbrook (1) and Paul George (1).

Public opinion on LeBron James has always been very ambivalent, with a color palette that ranges from the greatest hatred to the greatest admiration. Few fans choose gray. The Decision, his intergenerational dispute with Michael Jordan, his strong convictions (and way of showing them) both on and off the slopes … Reasons that allow the results to be understood. This same season, another legendary player like Reggie Miller charged him for his statements about him. play-in. “He and Anthony Davis were injured and now they are looking from 7th to 10th place. I don’t want to hear so much crying.” He assured without any kind of concealment. A constant. Everything LeBron says, like everything any other superstar in the competition says, it takes on stratospheric dimensions. And, in the same way that it supposes the fiercest criticisms, also the most sincere defenses or flattery. Anthony Edwards, Minnesota Timberwolves player, they wanted to join this second group: “I have never seen so many happy people after an athlete fell. Lebron was and is too hated, to the point that when he retires, they will not be able to appreciate his greatness. I am proud to say that I did.”, manifested after the victory of the Phoenix Suns in the series against the Angelenos.

Edwards, like so many stars, will surely also have to face the merciless judge of public opinion. He has not punished him yet, but no one is safe. A bad decision in the trajectory, some unfortunate statements … There is a bit of all this, for example, in the other players who are mentioned in the study. James Harden, for example, is the one in Texas. Precisely, after a season marked by his departure from Houston, where he wrote a script of legend (although inglorious) and left a departure full of controversies. Kyrie Irving, among others, appears in Boston. Known history and that, in these playoffs, has become more apparent than ever, with cross statements and a bottle as a sign of extreme tension between player and fans. Along the same lines, there is also the pop to Russell Westbrook in Philadelphia, where, in 2016, it was already clear the difficult relationship between the Sixers crowd and the explosive point guard. Love and hate, also in basketball.

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