LeBron, on the changes in the Lakers: “You know what the hell should happen”

The situation in the Lakers has improved in recent weeks, but the change seems to continue to be necessary. lebronundisputed leader of the team and author of spectacular performances in the last matches to their 38 yearsgave an interview to sam amickjournalist from The Athleticlast Sunday January the 8th.

In this talk, the forward of the Los Angeles team talks about the directive and the template management for the season. “You know what the hell should happen. I don’t need to talk,” James explained in the conversation.

“(The board) does what’s best for the franchise, that’s not my job they do what they think is best for the franchise,” he told Amick. “I worry about who’s in the locker room, but I can’t do anybody else’s job,” he clarified.

About the possibility of reaching Abdul Jabbar What leading scorer in NBA history in the next few days (it’s about 422 points), LeBron talks about his mentality on the track. “I have always had a goal, and it is To win. I have always been aware of what we can become, ”she continued in the interview. “We were a young team and we are getting to know each other, we don’t know what our identity”, he spoke about the team.

LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) against the Charlotte Hornets


LeBron James (Los Angeles Lakers) against the Charlotte HornetsJARED C. TILTONAFP

“We had injuries, boys inside and outside, let’s see, we lead the league in different quintets (21 in 40 games). We are trying to play for each other and not give up. We have given ourselves a chance to try to be the best team we can be, we really don’t care what people say about us”, he concluded in a conversation with Sam Amick that has generated controversy and that, without wasting time, LeBron himself clarified his comments on social networks .

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The interviewer exposed the player’s words in a different tone the one who actually declared. The Lakers star came out to point it out on social media.

“Hey Sam, my patience is not running out. You have made it seem as if I were frustrated and I am not, ”LeBron commented on his account. “I told you over and over again, my work is focused on the boys in the locker room, not in the squad ”, he continued. “i said what i said”, concluded the champion of four NBA championships (2012, 2013, 2016 and 2020). “With all due respect and calm, which is my mood right now,” he posted in response to his own tweet.

The Lakers are with five straight winstheir best run of the season, and little by little they advance places in the Western conference, with the hope of continuing playing basketball from April and gaining a foothold in the playoffs.

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