LeBron leaves, defeat stays

2-9. The qualifying balance places the Lakers just one step above the red lantern of the NBA and having exceeded ten games, a mark that is beginning to be considerable. Only Houston is worse. Putting yourself in that position after losing the Los Angeles derby doesn’t help either.. The Clippers managed to control without much doubt their neighbor in the Crypto Arena. Counting those of Lue with the -again- mysterious loss of Kawhi Leonard, destined to lead that team on the court, a loophole was opened through which those of Ham could sneak, but they are not prepared. And they take more negative than positive things from the night and we can exemplify it in one person: LeBron James. The Akron star played a remarkable game, with 30 points, 8 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals, but had to retire with four minutes left to finish due to a left leg injury. Ham valued it when finishing as “inconvenience” and James admitted that he felt “a little snap”. He would not be so relevant if the player had not just missed another game, in this case against Utah, due to pain in the foot in the left area, the same one that he notices again without that strength that characterizes him. If with a player of his caliber, even though he goes through game valleys due to his age (37 years), they don’t win regularly…

The Clippers are drawing wins like this into the season opener wondering if Kawhi just needs more time to play regularly or if something else is going on with his knee. The Lakers, from now on, on the lookout for LeBron’s health but with a much worse sporting outlook.

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114-101 was the final result in the pavilion shared by the two teams. This time with Beverley on court but without Walker and, of course, dragging casualties like Bryant or Schröder, the Lakers knew how to withstand a strong first rush from the locals. Nothing to do in a second half. The comeback against the Cavs before Election Day left an inertia in the Clips that was seen at the beginning of this evening: 38-21 in the first period. They were going like a shell thanks to 15 of the 29 final points of Paul George, who is sweet. In the second period, James’ reaction came from the hand of, among others, Westbrook (14+9) with a 2-18 run that balanced the tone. But the Clippers have power on the outside whether or not Leonard: Powell (18), Jackson (14), Kennard (13), in addition to having Mann, weaker today without being a starter, or Wall, with medical reserves. He is a roster better formed. With that quality they gave another pull at the beginning of the second half and in that one the Lakers were left behind not to return.

The Lakers tried until the last minute, despite having lost their compass, to find the exit. A steal in his own zone to Westbrook while serving after basket left the spirits on the ground. The Clippers just had to call the final timeout and finish off the backups.

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