LeBron is back, the Lakers win

The Lakers win again. The fickleness of Frank Vogel’s team will be manifest and consistency will be conspicuous by its absence. But it will be, after all, the funniest part of the situation: the Angelenos, with the squad they have, they will be analyzed from many prisms and they will go from being the laughing stock of the NBA, to top favorites. For sure that through all these phases a team will always be required, due to history and idiosyncrasy, the ring. And that it has a huge number of well-known names that they seek, depending on who you ask, redemption or vindication. And the Lakers, who have been imposed on the Cavaliers, they have not dispelled the doubts they generated against the Thunder in Oklahoma. But since they are capable of winning anyone and losing against everyone, yesterday they were ridiculous and tomorrow they will be … well, what they have to be.

At Staples and before his audience, one always cold, more concerned with appearing than being, everything was headed for a new defeat. Maybe not in the form of a disaster against one of the emerging teams of the season, but one that dominated by 9 points (66-75) in the middle of the third quarter. The Lakers, with LeBron back in the lineup, did not have any collapse as sovereign as in that last quarter against the Thunder, in the game it became an exercise in constant effort, or so it seemed, to lose. The Lakers, stumbling and with time down through, managed to stretch, make the necessary defensive adjustments and push in attack to turn the score around in the fourth quarter, in which they left their rivals in 16 pyrrhic points and scored the free shots to open a gradual advantage that allowed them to calmly face the final minutes of the duel.

The mere presence of LeBron transmitted tranquility in a game that had 8 changes in the score and 9 draws. The King went to 26 points and 8 assists, and fixed a disastrous performance from the triple (1 of 10) with a good first part and great moments of connection with Russell Westbrook, especially in transition. Russ, by the way, he finished in 19 points, with 6 rebounds and 5 assists, he did not lose his head like against the Thunder (ignominious final scene), he had a good shot selection (8 of 13, with only one successful triple attempt) and did not prime at the end. Frank Vogel continues to try things and gave DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard minutes counted, who did not prevent the bleeding of alley oops of the rival. Malik Monk only enjoyed 5 minutes and Rajon Rondo was left out of the rotation. Another novelty in the form of a change carried out by a technician who keeps trying to make all the gears work perfectly. And all, without taking minutes away from the great stars (those of today and yesterday), with a Carmelo Anthony who is one of the best news of the team at this start of the course: 24 points, 5 rebounds, 9 of 12 in shots from field and 6 of 8 in triples. Great game. On the anniversary, by the way, of his debut; and LeBron’s. 18 years have passed. It is said soon.

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The Cavaliers they lasted what they lasted. They held out well, they were ahead all the time, they showed off their great virtues and reduced their defects to the maximum. Good game of Evan Mobley (23 points, with 10 of 16 shooting), 17 points from Lauri Markkanen and 18, with 11 assistsby Darius Garland. Collin Sexton did not have his day and Jarrett Allen was intermittent, but Ricky Rubio rounded it all out from the bench: another 18 goals for the Spanish point guard, who fluctuates between the starting position and the bench but is the leader of the second unit and the spiritual reference and intellectual of a young group that notices him. The Cavaliers sank in the last 12 minutes, drowned by the rival defense and with a pájara in anthological attack: 4 of 18 in the whole period, with 3 of 9 in triples. Very poor resource management in the final moments, in which they allowed too many free shots. But a good duel in the first three periods, something that a team that is at a different point than the Lakers can take positively. They come, go, take you, catch you, make you angry, cheer you up, get up and fall again. The Lakers will go through all these phases this year. It only remains to be seen if they will also go through the final victory phase.. There it is, of course, the key. For a change.

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