It was not the best night of play and image for star forward LeBron James, who was sent off for elbowing an opponent in the third period of the game that the Los Angeles Lakers ultimately won 121-116 on the road against the Detroit Pistons. After the attack, the star was involved in an altercation with his victim, which almost did not turn into a collective fight in the middle of the field.

James was sent off early in the third quarter after hitting Pistons center Isaiah Stewart in the face, which consequently suffered a cut to the face. James’ action, which could generate a collective fight between the players of both teams , in the end it concluded with the expulsion of both players involved in the incident and also a technical foul that pointed to point guard Russell Westbrook, who along with center Anthony Davis were decisive in the victory of the Lakers.

James ended up ejected after he slammed his elbow and left hand into Stewart’s face as they became entangled fighting for a rebound. With his face bloody, the Detroit center wanted to take revenge, so he had to be restrained more than once by teammates and assistants, who could not stop him. LeBron, meanwhile, tried to stay away from his rival, close to one of the referees. After the judges reviewed the actions in the video, both players were sent off, while Westbrook was called a technical foul.

The scandal that threatened to take shape on the court was reminiscent of the massive fight of November 19, 2004, when players from the Pistons and the Indiana Pacers extended a brawl to the stands, in the biggest scandal in basketball in history. the NBA. However, tempers calmed down just in time and the game could continue to develop normally, until finally the Lakers were able to celebrate the victory. We will have to wait for the League’s decision to see what sanction awaits James and Stewart after the scandal.



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