Leaving the coronation ceremony of King Charles III, Meghan went on a trip for fun

Meghan Markle skipped the coronation ceremony of King Charles III (father-in-law) and went on a trip to California with her friends, while her husband Prince Harry attended the coronation ceremony.

On the one hand, there were discussions around the world regarding the coronation ceremony of King Charles III. The coronation ceremony was going to be held for the first time in 6 decades in the royal family. Meghan Markle, wife of King Charles III’s son Prince Harry and Princess of Sussex, decided not to attend the royal event. The same Peach Six magazine has claimed that Meghan Markle was spotted hiking with his friends on Sunday. Where both their children were not present with them.

It is also being said that the purpose of Meghan’s leisurely walk may also be to show what kind of relationship she has with the royal family.

It is also said that during the same coronation ceremony, Prince Harry and Meghan’s eldest son Archie also had his fourth birthday, so she did not want to miss her son’s birthday.

It is also being said that Meghan plans to stay away from the UK for the entire month in order to maintain her peace of mind and protect herself from the spotlight.

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