Leather alternatives for sneakers: pineapple, corn and mushrooms?

If you need sneakers to travel this summer, several manufacturers are using alternative to leather, sustainable and renewable materials

In recent years, awareness of the environmental impact of industries has increased significantly. One of the sectors that has received attention is fashion and, in particular, leather production. Obtaining animal leather entails ethical and environmental problems, such as deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and the use of toxic chemicals in the tanning process.

In response to these challenges, there has been a growing interest in the search and development of alternative materials to leather, mainly those of vegetable origin. The result is incredible sneakers made with new plant-derived materials that can accompany you on your travels this summer. These are some of the most interesting:

The Spanish company, known for using recycled materials, used pineapple leather, also known as Piñatex, for this series of shoes. It is produced from the fibers of pineapple leaves, which are usually discarded after harvesting the fruit. These fibers are processed and mixed with recycled polyester obtained from garbage and corn fibers to obtain the material. The sole is 75% recycled rubber. way, it has become a popular material in sustainable fashion. and become a strong, versatile material that resembles leather in appearance and texture. Piñatex is not only a vegan and cruelty-free alternative, it also reduces agricultural waste and boosts the local economy in pineapple producing regions.

The brand with the three stripes has decided to take a big step towards sustainability by relaunching its classic model with mycelium leather. Mycelium is the subterranean roots of fungi, a tangle of interconnected renewable filaments that extend hundreds of miles underground. Mushrooms are the fruit of mycelium.

He Mylo shoe material It is made from mycelium that can be compacted and treated to a leather-like texture. This process is completely biodegradable and does not require the use of harmful chemicals.

This Spanish company specializes in creating footwear with materials of plant origin. The inner lining is made of bamboo, the sole is made of natural rubber, the insole is made of cork and the outer part is made of corn-based leather. In this case, the hard fibers of the corn leaves and stalks, which end up burning, are used and processed, mixed with cotton to obtain a flexible and resistant material that can be used in the manufacture of leather-like products. Corn hide is renewable as corn is an abundant and fast growing crop.

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