Learn the secret of Rana Daggubati’s new avatar here

The famous star of the South, Rana Daggubati, who is more famous than Bhallaldev of Bahubali, has recently lost thirty kilos. Rana has almost taken a new avatar for his new project. To make the character in this new movie look real, Rana worked a lot on her body and after sweating a lot and changing her diet, Rana has lost about thirty kilos. This change was not easy for Rana, whose body is a bit heavy. Besides doing workouts, he also made big changes to his eating habits, only then did he get the results he wanted.

One of the many changes in Rana’s diet was that he stopped eating non-vegetarian foods, while Rana loves non-vegetarian foods. For a few months, Rana had become completely vegetarian. Along with this, it also reduced the amount of salt in the food. Meanwhile, his overall diet was also very inferior.

Besides eating, Rana also focused a lot on his workouts. Not only was he doing weight training, he also gave equal importance to cardio. Rana got the desired result only by making major changes in both diet and training.

Not that Rana made such a transformation for the first time. Before this, Rana had also worked very hard for Bhallaldev, the role of the church of Bahubali. Rana had been sweating in the gym for a long time to get the desired shape, only then was he able to get the desired body shape for Bhallaldev’s character.

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