Home Sports Leandro Paredes returns to the agenda of Juventus in Turin

Leandro Paredes returns to the agenda of Juventus in Turin

Leandro Paredes returns to the agenda of Juventus in Turin

According to the Italian newspaper Tutto Sport on its website, the Juventus of Turin He is looking for important reinforcements in the midfield to be able to make a leap in quality and start the revolution that the board wants to make to once again be the main candidate to win the Italian Serie A. The defeat against Villarreal in the UEFA Champions League round of 16 was a blow to a team hoping to break into the top eight teams in Europe.

On the other hand, the Italian newspaper confirms that Leandro Paredes It is one of the new options that the board manages to reinforce the first line of midfielders, taking into account that first they have to leave names like Adrien Rabiot and Arhtur Melo.

An old wish of the Vecchia Signora

The Argentine is an old wish of Juventus in Turin. Since he broke into Roma he is a footballer who has been closely followed to have a midfield with greater associative quality and with experience in the big events.

On the other hand, Leandro Paredes is one of the names that is on the PSG transfer list because he has not finished making the leap in quality that they expected in the French institution. His contract ends in the summer of 2023, so his price will drop significantly when the current season ends.

Juventus Turin is also working on the signings of Antonio Rúdiger, Jorginho, Christian Pulisic, Hakim Ziyech and Ryan Gravenberch. They do not feel that it is possible to incorporate them all, but they are the most attractive due to their contractual situation or the one they currently have with their respective clubs.

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