Home Sports League Cup: Tigre was practical and beat Barracas Central

League Cup: Tigre was practical and beat Barracas Central

League Cup: Tigre was practical and beat Barracas Central

Tiger won 2-0 this Monday before Central Barracksin a game played at the Tomás A. Ducó stadiumvalid for the third round of Zone B of the League Cup.

the goals of the Matador they were scored by Pablo Magnín and Ijiel Prottione at each stage.

Following the victory, Tigre was in the third position with five units behind Students of La Plata (9) and Boca Juniors (7), while Barracas reaped its third consecutive defeat, remains in last place of the table and without points.

Tigre started better and was the team he proposed from the beginning with a good job from midfield forward.

In the first quarter of an hour, the Matador de Victoria continued as the clear protagonist with some chances in his favor, although without being able to define against a Guapo who dedicated himself to waiting and take care of your own bow.

With the passing of the minutes, barracks took advantage of the spaces left by his rival in defense and created situations that did not end in a goal due to the good interventions of goalkeeper Gonzalo Marinellithe figure of the match in this section of the match.

Newly before the break the scoring was opened, after Colidio escape to the left and sent a center back that the scorer Magnínalmost slapped, sent to the net.

At start of complement, Tigre came out with everything to try to increase the difference under the leadership of “Equi” Fernández, and the speed of the attackers Protti, Magnín and Colidio.

It was so the visit gave the coup de grâce after a misintelligence between Bandiera and Mudo Vázquez, which generated the solo cumshot by left of Protti, who defined to the first post before the departure of goalkeeper Gagliardo (who had replaced starter Saracho through injury) and sentenced the lawsuit.

Those led by coach Diego Martínezafter the second goal, they handled the match as they pleased before the passivity of Barracas, who was left without football answers.

Tigre’s predominance continued until the end of the match, with correct handling of the ballthe use of spaces and some chances in favor that almost did not increase the account.

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