Estudiantes de La Plata, winner of Zone B, will be local this Wednesday against Argentinos Juniors, who finished in fourth place in Zone A, in a matchup of the quarterfinals of the Professional League Cup. The match will be played from 7:15 p.m. at the UNO Jorge Luis Hirschi Stadium, in Estudiantes de La Plata, with arbitration by Fernando Echenique and TNT television. If the match ends in a tie at the end of 90 minutes, the semi-finalist, who will play against the winner of River-Tigre, will be defined by shots from the penalty spot.

The favoritism of the La Plata team is not only justified by its location, but it is also one of the best teams in national football today and is classified for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores. Ricardo Zielinski’s team is very consistent, with a strong defense, a midfield with a fifth and game, “spicy” forwards and enormous power when it comes to taking advantage of set pieces.

The La Plata team has the Uruguayan Agustín Rogel, the team’s “standard bearer” winning in the aerial game in both areas and with an enviable dedication; the punch of Fernando Zuqui; the deployment of Jorge Rodríguez and the scoring power with Mauro Boselli; in addition to the effectiveness of Leandro Díaz and Gustavo Del Prete.

Student added eight wins, four draws and two setbacks (Boca and with substitutes against Rosario Central) achieving 28 units.

Argentinos, with Gabriel Milito as coach, suffered enough to achieve fourth place by beating Unión 2-1 at La Paternal, adding 15 points, with seven wins, four draws and three losses. El Bicho is going to propose a tough development to Pincha with an open game, he already has a midfield that can make a difference with the good footing of David Salazar, Matías Galarza and Gabriel Florentín.

Milito could bet on the offensive duo made up of Nicolás Reniero, who stands out but who has a hard time specifying what he provokes, and the Paraguayan Gabriel Avalos.


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