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Léa Nature relies on sport to improve the performance (and well-being) of its employees

Sport is good for morale but also for the company. It is not Charles Kloboukoff, president and founder of Léa Nature who will say the opposite. Sport has always been present in this company, which is almost thirty years old and in great shape. “Sport is part of our culture. No doubt since the company has reached the size of forming two teams! jokes Hugo Faivre.

“The raison d’être of the company is human health. Our employees are necessarily stakeholders”, specifies the director of relations and human resources of this group of nearly 2,000 employees. The taste for sport of Charles Kloboukoff, president of the Stade Rochelais Basket since last September, is not for nothing either in this impulse.

The appetite for sport, the spirit of competition and the pleasure of spending time together have been in the genes of the management team from the start. The company grew with this “virtuous circle around relationships through sport”, says Hugo Faivre. “It is an accelerator of knowledge of others. On a sports field, you can’t pretend. We develop together the taste of success and we create a collective success”. Some employees have also joined the company after getting to know them on the sports field.

The company, anchored in the territory of La Rochelle, supports local sports associations. The competition is present through the sponsorship of the Stade Rochelais basketball and rugby teams. “It taints the discussions. Sports vocabulary around performance is often used. We speak, for example, of ‘state of form’”, observes Hugo Faivre.

He also notes this spirit in the way of working, from the project preparation dimension to the sense of performance. “A project is a success or a failure as in competition in a fair play framework with competitors that we respect”. For the Léa Nature team, it is this sportsmanship that has allowed the company to take the advantage by growing and to maintain it against more aggressive competition on its land.

No need to be an athlete or a champion to apply to Léa Nature, especially since it seems quite difficult to beat Charles Kloboukoff in padel… Simply the question of health is central, from sport to well-being practices – such as Qi Gong, laughter, etc. – organized by the nurse as part of actions called “be well”.

In 2013, the company decided to make physical activity more accessible to its employees by building the “Five” opposite its headquarters. This multisport complex is attached to the BIO’Pôle, the eco-designed site of Lea Nature. 5,000 m2 with a wide choice of activities open to employees and local residents, indoor courts (for indoor football, padel or squash), outdoor courts (for football or pétanque), a gymnasium for team sports, fitness areas, cardio, dance, yoga…

By giving the possibility of practicing physical and sporting activities, the company also wanted to offer a place to facilitate the transition between professional and private life. A place and a time to decompress and avoid bringing the burden of work home. “By creating this mental airlock, the employer is showing attention to the quality of private time”, emphasizes Hugo Faivre. “In my relations with employees, I insist on the importance of this transition period. Sport is a very good way to spend time at work and in private life”. The company that performs well in its field takes care of the form of its teams…

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