Home Entertainment Le Grand Magasin: Review far below the herons

Le Grand Magasin: Review far below the herons

Le Grand Magasin: Review far below the herons

A few weeks after returning to the grace of Miyazaki with a sublime ” Boy and the heron“It’s a new Japanese animated film starring ” The big store“, a somewhat anecdotal product that arrives in our French cinemas.

Akino is the concierge apprentice at a very special department store: the customers there are all animals. Small or large, furry or feathered, Akino works hard to fulfill all of their wishes – even the most surprising ones!

Little or no advertising, an anecdotal story that seems to lean towards pastiche. conceptual » (That is, it lacks a clear and detailed narrative to base the 70 minutes on a general point). The viewer cannot be fooled. The pet shop is a reflection of our consumer society and our relationship with animals. Point.

We get the rest with it Big shop a joyful display of clichés. The uncompromising leader, the caring animals, the annoying and outspoken heroine who stands up for these animals. We lose the rhythm from the start and the lack of challenges manages to become very boring (too much) fast. No iconization or contemplative shots that highlight the artistic work of Japanese animation, but a single, underused setting. A long moralizing diatribe about money and overconsumption that can bore even children. There is no doubt about that Big shopAs well produced as it is, it still has a lot to learn from its colleagues in the field (cuckoo Ghibli). In cinemas since Wednesday, December 6, 2023.

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