It is the dynamic that South American teams, even the largest on the continent, have to endure almost daily. Many footballers are attracted by the possibility of changing continents and joining European football, especially in the face of the arrivals of some of the best clubs in the world that are trying to strengthen themselves.

That same is the example that directly affects River plate, which has an eleven of many guarantees thanks to the work carried out by Marcelo gallardo, although he fears losing a number of parts during the next winter market.

European siren songs

We talk about the interest of the SS Lazio in one of the most important players of River plate. Italians were already one of the main stakeholders in Rafael Santos Borré or Lucas Martínez Quarta, but finally none ended up in the Roman set.

Now, the goal of the box that trains Maurizio Sarri is none other than Fabrizio Angileri. The team’s experienced left-handed winger has managed to displace Milton Casco on many occasions and his dominance of offensive and defensive play has placed him high on the Italian side’s agenda.

Will it be done or will it end up being just one of those rumors that does not materialize and that, luckily, leaves River Plate alone?



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