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Lazio set Luis Alberto’s sale price

Lazio set Luis Alberto's sale price

As reported by the Italian newspaper Calcio Mercato on its website, Luis Alberto wants to get out of Latium and return to Spain to be able to change scenery after a difficult season in the Italian team due to his bad relationship with Maurizio Sarri. It is an output that is a matter of time before it is confirmed.

The Italian club, which is fighting for the qualification spots for European competitions in Serie A, knows that the player does not want to continue and they are willing to let him out, but only if they meet their economic demands for the next transfer market of summer.

I return to spain?

Calcio Mercato confirm that Lazio are asking €40m for the Spanish midfielder for the next transfer window, a price that seems quite difficult for most clubs in Spain to afford.

Luis Alberto, who is 29 years old, ends his contract in the summer of 2025, so his price comes from the fact that the club is calm because there is still a long way to go before he can end his bond. He has 3 goals and 8 assists in 32 games, being a piece that continues to have an impact, but is not comfortable in the context.

One of the main interested parties in obtaining their services is the Sevilla F.C.who sees him as an interesting option to strengthen his midfield area and see him as an interesting return to reinforce Julen Lopetegui’s game idea.

There are not many other clubs that have shown interest at this time, but it seems that important offers will come in the transfer market for him to leave Italy, although everything will depend on Sarri’s continuity as coach of the team from the Italian capital. Where do you think Lusi Alberto will play next season?

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