Lawyer for César “El Abusador” says that there was no proposal for a guilty plea

Joaquín Pérez, lawyer for César Emilio Peralta, a Dominican accused of drug trafficking in Puerto Rico and Miami, reported that no proposal has been made to his client to plead guilty.

This Thursday afternoon, the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día published that the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Puerto Rico offered an agreement to who is also known as "Caesar the Abuser" for what plead guilty to the charges that are imputed to him.

“The prosecutor did say that he was going to study making an offer,” Pérez told journalists from Listín Diario, explaining that a proposal to plead guilty was not made.

Likewise, attorney Pérez added that the court minutes indicate that the government has maintained communication with both parties and that they would make offers in the future or negotiations.

The document also outlines that the presentation of a package of tests that have not been produced will be made and they expect it to be ready in 20 days.

Peralta’s defense is waiting for both the Federal Prosecutor’s Office of Puerto Rico and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Southern District of Florida to unite to learn the facts that are imputed to him in both jurisdictions.

About what he had a conversation with the judge, Pérez preferred not to comment.

alleged proposal

During a virtual hearing, held this Thursday before Judge Pedro Delgado and in which the press had access by telephone, federal prosecutor Max J. Pérez Bouret made the offer to “El Abusador”to plead guilty.

This, according to the Puerto Rican media outlet El Nuevo Día, was done despite the fact that the members of the public ministry of that country have not completed the discovery of evidence against him.

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“We have issued an offer. for him to plead guilty. And that offer, given the magnitude of this case, is the offer that (chief of the federal prosecutor’s office) Stephen Muldrow has authorized in this case,” Pérez Bouret said, according to the Puerto Rico newspaper El Nuevo Día.

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