Lawrence made such a revelation about Shahrukh-Salman, the ground can slip under the feet of the stars.

On ABP News’ ‘Operation Durdant’ special, Lawrence Bishnoi said that the entire Bishnoi community is very angry at Salman Khan for killing the blackbuck. Meanwhile, during the conversation, Lawrence has said such a thing, hearing that the ground will slip from under the feet of Bollywood stars.

During the show, Lawrence Bishnoi was asked why he is threatening Salman Khan that this will make Lawrence’s name bigger. In response, Lawrence said: “If it is so, we will kill Shahrukh Khan.” If you have to kill for fame, then there are few people in Bollywood. We have a purpose, that’s why it is said that God leaves no one. If we were to kill someone in Bollywood for fame or to collect money, we would kill anyone who wanders Juhu beach. It will target anyone.

Lawrence Bishnoi said, “Salman Khan has let our society down. He has not apologized to our society. Killing animals is not allowed in our area. Even green trees cannot be cut down. He came and hunted deer in our area where the Bishnoi community is maximum After this there is a lot of anger in the community.

Apart from this, Lawrence Bishnoi spoke about the murder of Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala. He said: “Goldie Brar was involved in the Musewala murder. She already knew about the murder, but she did not participate in it. Musewala was strengthening our anti gang. I told Goldie that Moosewala is our enemy. He was angry with the murder of Vicky Middukheda and Moosewala was also involved in that murder.

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