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Lautaro Martinez: "The finalissima is going to be an important game for us"

Lautaro Martinez: "The finalissima is going to be an important game for us"

Argentina will face Italy for the Finalissima and the striker of the national team Lautaro Martínez palpitated what the match will be and assured that it will be “a very important test” for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The match will be played next Wednesday 1 June at Wembley, England, in which the champion of America and Europe will fight for the trophy.

“It’s going to be an important match for us because of what the rival means, beyond the fact that they have been left out of this World Cup”, commented Martínez and remarked: “we know their characteristics, their players. They are a high-level rival. test opposite very important to see where we stand”.

Lionel Scaloni’s team is undefeated in 31 games and, given the lack of competition with countries from the old continent, the attacker stressed: “you want to see yourself and prove yourself. Playing against European teams, which we have not had to face in this difficult time that we go through the pandemic, it is going to be important for us and the people”.

“But we are also very calm with the work we have been doing. We have been with the coach for several years, looking for an idea and a form, and we are putting it into practice on the pitch. You can see the results because we are playing football very well and scoring goals” , remarked the 24-year-old soccer player in television statements with Tyc Sports.

On the other hand, Martínez was consulted about the statements of Kyliam Mbappé, who assured that the Conmebol qualifiers are not of the same level as in Europe, and the striker commented that he was aware of the French soccer player’s statements. “I saw what he said, but Argentina and Brazil have players of a great hierarchy, of a great level. Brazil, like us, has most of them playing in Europe. It seemed to me an unfair statement,” assured the striker who plays for Inter de Milano, Italy.

Already involved in what will be the Qatar 2022 World Cup, the former Racing attacker remarked that the key will be in good preparation to face Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Poland in the group stage, of whom he assured that “they are going to be very tough rivals ” in the contest.

“We have to prepare in the best way, take advantage of every minute we have together to get the most out of it and try to get to Qatar well. I hope I can be on the list, it will be my first time,” he stressed.

Finally, the top scorer in the Scaloni cycle in the Argentine National Team, analyzed the present of the team: “we like to be protagonists having the ball, defending and attacking. Then there are moments in the game that make you suffer, and there we all suffer together”.

“The coach asks us to recover the ball quickly when it is lost, that if that first line of pressure is passed, we get together to have it again, and not suffer as it can happen in some parts of the game,” he concluded.

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