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Launch of the AC CUP founded by Athletic

Launch of the AC CUP founded by Athletic

The first edition of the AC CUP is already underway as the name of the new Athletic International tournament that starts at the beginning of June of this 2023 that seeks to take root as a future international benchmark for grassroots football under the motto ‘Compete in our land’. The Lezama facilities, a benchmark for the promotion of the youth academy, will serve as a base camp for more than 400 teams, more than 1,000 matches in this formative stage.

A championship for young talents to continue advancing in their learning process. The I AC International Tournament | CUP will take place on June 9, 10 and 11 with headquarters in Lezama and the nine finals played in San Mamés in addition to the inauguration. Those thousand matches will be spread over a total of 29 Biscayan pitches, but all passing through the rojiblancas facilities.

The tournament will feature six different categories, two from Soccer 11 (Infantile U14 Masculine and Infantil U13 Masculine) and four of Soccer 7 (Infantil U14 Feminine, Alevín U12 Feminine, Alevín U12 Masculine and Alevín U11 Masculine). An AC Football Experiences and its three projects AC I Cup was born within the AC Football Experience line. “This is one of the three projects related to the transmission of knowledge and unique experiences that form part of the essential baggage that Athletic Club wishes to share”launches the rojiblanco club led by the president Jon Uriarte. Therefore, AC Campus and AC Stage, together with AC Cup, will make up three independent projects that, under the umbrella of AC Football Experiences, will make it possible to enjoy and learn from the values ​​and idiosyncrasies of a unique club.

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