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Latest trends in online shopping

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Online consumer behavior is constantly evolving, revealing interesting patterns and new trends. A recent study by Zinklar, a Spanish technology company specializing in market research, sheds light on the dynamics of online consumption in different population groups. The report offers a vision of this Preferences, behaviors and purchasing habits of online consumers. Here we show you the latest trends.

Digital life and family connections

The study highlights that the experience in the digital world is not a lonely one. This is what the data shows 30% of online consumers share their lives as a couple, while 40% are couples with children. Additionally, 36% of young online shoppers aged between 25 and 34 still enjoy a comfortable life with their parents.

Explore categories and preferences

The research also shows the most popular categories when shopping online. In this point, Clothing, shoes and accessories top the list at 77%., followed by leisure experiences such as tourism (62%), culture (53%) and restaurants (49%). Furthermore, it shows that 3 in 10 people have experienced the convenience of purchasing food and drinks online, a percentage that rises to 40% in the 35-44 age group. Women also stand out when it comes to purchasing cosmetics and personal care products online at 58%.

The power of brands and platforms

Amazon rises like The most famous and memorable brand in the world of online shopping, with 75% spontaneous awareness. In the meantime, Aliexpress (22%) And Shein (15%) They follow him at a distance. Among physical stores, Carrefour gets a notable mention as it is the first choice for 20% of grocery consumers and 25% for household cleaning products.

Convenience and time savings are the drivers of online shopping

The study also breaks down the online shopping process. In this point, Price remains the most important factor for 80% of consumers before you take the step. The Convenience and time savings prove to be the main drivers of online shoppingwhile Variety of promotions and offers takes center stage in categories such as fashion and tourism.

Social networks: Instagram and Facebook, the most popular

The study also examines the role of social networks in the purchasing process. In terms of popularity, Instagram and Facebook lead, with 66% and 56% of users respectively. It’s not just about shopping, because these platforms become places for meetings and exchanges. Meanwhile, 22% of shoppers over 55 choose to stay away from social media. Aside from that, 40% of shoppers admit that social networks and influencers influence their purchasing decisions and brand choice.

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