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Lata Mangeshkar was rejected because of her weak voice, Dilip sahib had said – Marathis…

At the age of 92, the famous Hindi film singer Lata Mangeshkar said goodbye to the world. Millions of people are crazy about the voice of Lata Mangeshkar, popularly known as Bharat Ratna and Swara Kokila. She has lent her voice to 30,000 songs in Hindi cinema. Despite having such a melodious voice, do you know that Lata Mangeshkar has also faced rejection from her in her career? He was once rejected by her thin voice. What was that complete story, read in this report.

In the early part of her career, Lata ji was rejected for her thin voice. Some people believed that her voice was very thin and weak. But what did they know, this voice would change the history of Hindi cinema in the future. Let us tell you that the first person to reject Lata ji’s voice for being thin was none other than the famous filmmaker S Mukherjee 9S. Mukherjee).

In the film starring Dilip Kumar ‘Shaheed’, S Mukherjee heard the voice of Lata ji. After listening to the song very carefully, he refused to give Lata ji a job in her movie, the reason behind this was Lata ji’s thin voice.

When Lata Mangeshkar was rejected by S Mukherjee, Guru Ghulam Haider Sahab was trying to get Lata ji to work. During that time he narrated his voice to Dilip Kumar. As soon as Lata Mangeshkar started singing in front of Dilip Kumar, interrupting him in the middle of the song, Dilip Sahab said: he was referring to the pronunciation of the words during this time. Considering Dilip Kumar’s point, Lata ji took classes to learn Hindi and Urdu. Taking into account the mistakes told by the people, she rectified them and formed her own identity.

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