LastPass Data Breach Causes $53,000 Bitcoin Theft

There is one in the United States by a group of people lawsuit filed to LastPass, a password manager. The reason for this can be guessed, it concerns a data breach at LastPass. As a result, one of the group claims to have lost $53,000 worth of Bitcoin.

Buy from July 2022

The accuser started buying Bitcoin from July 2022. For that reason, he chose to update his master password at LastPass to a string with more than 12 characters. That’s what the company recommends as the safest option. This was done by the complainant in order to store his private keys in LastPass’ vault, which should be safe. Now that turns out not to be the case and the customer in question has lost his hard-earned Bitcoin.

The moment the news about the data leak came out at LastPass, the accuser immediately removed his private keys from the vault. Despite the prosecutor’s prompt response, it was already too late. “However, on or about the Thanksgiving weekend of 2022, the plaintiff’s Bitcoin was stolen using the private keys he left with LastPass,” the court document said.

In the end, the prosecution was a week late in its action to remove the private keys. The damage was already done and the Bitcoin was gone. Unfortunately, this is a weakness of Bitcoin that makes it difficult for some people to ever use it properly.

LastPass in big trouble

The class action lawsuit claims that the data breach at LastPass means those affected will be at risk of becoming victims of large-scale fraud for years to come. There is a chance that a lot of sensitive data has been exposed with the leak at LastPass. Exactly how much the prosecution is demanding from LastPass is not yet clear at this time.

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According to cyber researcher Graham Cluley, the hacked data includes company names, usernames, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, IP addresses, and password vault website URLs. In short, a lot of misery has leaked out.

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