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Last offer from Valencia CF to Gayá leaves everyone petrified


From the table that several items have been defined in the captain’s contract

The Valencia CF continues to give what to talk about on behalf of José Luis Gayáwho of the high values ​​of the squad of Gattuso and would be negotiating its renewal. For this reason there is enough expectation for what may happen, since both parties are fully willing to extend the link that unites them.

Let us remember that both the left back and Carlos to usually do were very close to leaving, the latter being the one that has taken a new course to the PSG. That yes, the other of the captains of the che squad is the one who has preferred to continue wearing the elastic of those of the Capital of the Turia.

Gaya Valencia
The continuity of the left side is directed

Valencia CF and a millionaire renewal contract for Gayá

In this way, the first rapprochements between Gayá and Valencia CF have begun to take place and, furthermore, there are details of the proposal that has been given. Then comes to light the millionaire contract that Peter Lim and company want to establish for one of their bastions of recent times.

And it is that it has been known that there have already been some meetings with the left-handed representatives, which are on the right track. There, it has been confirmed that the footballer wants to continue playing at Mestalla and therefore it would not be a difficult operation. Of course, the footballer himself has sought recognition of his good performance.

The side will receive a good amount at salary level

In that order of ideas is that the renewal that the leadership of Valencia has proposed to Gayá will be for five more seasons. That is to say, the left back would be linked to the squad that Gattuso commands today until 2028. In addition, he will have a significant rise in his salary, being the best paid in the current squad.

As if that were not enough, among other known details of this movement, it is highlighted that José Luis would be the best paid in the history of the club. This would be the way in which the club would thank a key footballer, who has given everything for the team and has expressed his desire to continue for much longer despite the offers that have come for him.

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