The busiest period of the year in eCommerce is here. And the last thing you want on these dates is to go unnoticed. These last minute tips will help you improve the visibility of your products at Christmas.

Set up campaigns to advertise your products on Facebook Shops

With 2,700 million users, Facebook is the largest social network in the world, but do you know all the advertising alternatives that Facebook offers? A great option for advertising on Facebook is Facebook Shops, launched in 2020. Thanks to Facebook Shops, brands can create their own virtual showcase and offer advertisements tailored to each type of audience.

Set up ad campaigns on Facebook Shop it is very fast and intuitive. In just a few minutes you can create your store and customize it by choosing templates and colors that fit your own brand.

In addition to helping you create an attractive and attractive brand, another of the greatest advantages of Facebook Shops is that you have access to both Facebook and Instagram users. We could say that it is a sales platform with access to the two social networks. In addition, you will be able to interact with your customers and answer questions thanks to WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram Direct.

Use TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads

TikTok announced the launch of the Dynamic Showcase Ads (aka DSAs) in September. This option allows you to create personalized video ads using information from your product catalog. Putting them into operation is very simple since TikTok offers you a series of templates that are filled in with the updated information from your product catalog.

As the ads feed on the information in your catalog, it is important that it is well structured, optimized and above all, updated. Tools like Channable They allow you to configure and optimize your product catalog so that you can later integrate it with TikTok Ads Manager and create your DSA ads.

Some of the advantages of using TikTok Dynamic Showcase Ads:

  • Promote many products on a large scale thanks to the easy-to-use templates.
  • Create highly personalized and relevant ads by updating ads in real time.
  • Take advantage of its cross-device facility for prospecting and retargeting.

Tailor your Google Ads ads

We usually think of Google Ads to configure stable campaigns over time. However, it is also a perfect option for special Christmas campaigns.

According to Google, conversions from ads improve 28% if promotional information is added in ads. Therefore, we highly recommend using data such as prices or product discounts in the headline or description of text ads. Make your copy as Christmas as possible!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the competition this season is huge. That is why it is convenient to increase investment in Google Ads (around 30% according to Google estimates).

And lastly, you should consider Smart Shopping campaigns as an ideal solution to promote your products. Thanks to the automation offered by Google’s machine learning, you can set up product ads and bids in minutes. And all this while improving the conversion rate of your ads! It is important to note that the success of your Shopping ads is highly dependent on the quality of your feed or catalog. Improve your catalog with a feed management tool It will allow you to get the most out of your Shopping campaigns.

Successful Christmas campaign with last minute initiatives

In marketing we all know that we must not rest on our laurels when preparing important campaigns, such as Black Friday or Christmas. The sooner we start working on the strategy to follow, the better results we will achieve. However, these last minute initiatives can help complement and further enhance the actions you already had in mind. They can also be useful for smaller eCommerce businesses, who want to give a final boost to this important sales season.


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